my name is Ana and I'm new at this school.
In the other school I've a lot of friends, but I'm a bit shy, so here I don't... but time to time ;)

Hi Ana!
My name is Carina, and I also started school in a whole new place this summer! It was really scary!
I know how it is to be new in class, and I'm quite sky myself, so I understand that!
You will probably do better in time, I know I did!
How do you like your new school? :-)

Hi Carina!
How are you? I'm very happy in my new school, people are really nice and the teachers too, they're helping me a lot!
In March, I'm going to Stockholm to visit my sister, who is studying there... We will be more near :)
I'm used to get up at twenty to eight, I have breakfast at 8 and I take de bus at twenty past eight.
I have lessons since nine to half past two. It's terribly bored, but I've to put up with it ^^
What do you do in your free time? I really like listening music and reading, but I hardly ever watch TV...
Hope your answer soon :)

Hi Ana!
I'm good. I'm pleased to hear that you are good at your new school!
Stockholm, oh, are your sister sweedish?
I get up at 06 O'clock, I eat breakfast at 7 O'clock and the bus leaves at 07.50 O'clock.
My lessons starts at 08.15 O'clock and lasts until 16 O'clock. And some days we start a littlebit later and other days we finish earlier.
I think most of our lessons are fun, but of course some of them are terribly boring!
My free time, I spend on my friends, and go take a coffee or go to the movies, or just hang out, I also spend my time on my boyfriend. :-)
I NEVER watch TV because I dont have the time! Hehe, but I dont mind! :-)
Hope to hear from you fast :-)

Hi Carina!
I have got a lot of exams and I'm really stressed... ^^
My sister is in Stockholm 'cause she's studying there this year at the University, but she's Spanish... She always say that Stockholm is fantastic! althought, it's very cold... x)
What are your favourite film and what tipe of music do you like?
Hope to hear from you!

Hi Ana!
Oh, our exam isn't starting before May or something! I can understand that you are stressed! I would be too!
Yes, I love Scandinavia, except from the cold in the winter! It's horrible! But I love Scandinavia anyway :-)
My favourite film... Hmmm... Good question! I have watched soo many films so I'm actually not sure! But I love that film called "Valentines day".
I watched that movie on Valentines Day with my boyfriend! :-D It was funny, and touching! Have you seen it?
I love Rock, Punk Rock and Metal actually ^^ How about you? What type of music is your favourite?
Nice to hear from you! :-D Hope to hear from you soon also! :-)