hello Lene!
How are you???
My name is Marta,and I´m 17 years old...
Sorry,but my English is limited.
My favourite groups of music are:"la fuga","pereza"...pop music,rock,classical...what are you favourite music?
I love sport and walking in the beach.
At the weekend, we(I and my friends) usually go for a ride around the city.
I am a friendly person and I speak two languages:Spanish and Galician and I am studying English.
I wait for your answer.
Nice to meet you!=D


I'm fine, thank you!

As you probably already know, my name is Lene. I am seventeen years old and I am in 2nd grade in upper secondary school.

I wake up around 07:00 a.m. and get ready for school. I used to eat breakfast, but when I began at high school, I more or less stopped. That is probably because we begin at 08:15 a.m. almost every day. We eat lunch at 11:05 a.m., and we eat in our school’s cafeteria. You can buy food in the cafeteria if you have not brought with you lunch from home. At 12:30 p.m., it’s possible to buy cake, pudding and other sweets in the cafeteria, which is really nice when you stay at school till 04:00 p.m.

I take art classes in addition to all the regular subjects like maths, science, social studies etc. We do different kind of artistic stuff in art class; drawing, painting, sculpting, building, sewing, designing new products – and a lot more! I think it is really fun to explore so many different kinds of medias.

I can speak quite a few languages; Norwegian, English, Swedish y un poco de Español. I also understand Danish.

At my spare time, I really enjoy listening to music, playing video games and drawing. Music is really important to me, and I listen to music as often as possible – On the bus, when I am doing homework, when I am drawing etc. My favourite genres are industrial, progressive rock, avant-garde, experimental, ambient, jazz... and a lot more! I began to draw when I was about 13, and I love to be artistic. Playing video games has been something I have enjoyed doing ever since I was a kid. I used to play a lot of Gameboy by myself and Nintendo 64 with my brother or my friends.

That is a little about me. Take care!


Hi again!

Since you are a beginner, I thought I would ask you a few basic questions:
1. What is your favourite colour?
2. Do you have any siblings?
3. What do you like to do at your spare time?

I await your answer!



Are you there? Earth to Marta!

Anyway, I notices that you wrote "kisses!" in your post. Not that it is not OK to do so, but it is not considered to be normal. You usually write "best wishes", "sincerely," "take care" or something like that when you are "saying goodbye." Some people will find it a bit odd if you say "kisses" to them and they do not know you! If it weren't for the fact that I know that you are Spanish and that it's common to end a letter/message with "besos"/"kisses", then I too would have found it a bit odd.


Hi Lene!!!
My name is Noelia, but my friends call me Nowy, I'm a classmate of Martha. Martha can't answer you because she can't connect to the Internet, and Martine don't answer me, so we can talk.
I'm seventeen years old too, and I'm studying the last year of high school.
As you, the music is very important to me, and I like bands like: Rammstein, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot, In Falmes, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Gazette, The Candy Spooky Theater, Deep Purple...
I love reading, and the books are very important to me too. Some books I love are "The book thief", "The Pillars of the Earth", Carlos Ruiz Zafón's books (a Spanish writer whose last book is "The Angel's Game") and Harry Potter.
My favourite colour is black.
My favourite films are: Gladiator, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, The Perfume. Interview with the Vampire, Defiance, 300, Agora, Inglourious Bastards... I love Tim Burton films.
I have two cats named Teufel and Shinigami.
I like sports a lot. I used to swim in a swimming club.
In my free time I like reading, watching TV, going out with my friends, swimming, going to the cinema...
Do you have a DeviantArt???
About your correction, I didn't know that about "kisses". If I make any mistake, please let me know
Sorry for my bad english.

Take care ^^

Earth to Lene!!!!!XD

Hi Noelia!

Pretty name, by the way, and sorry for not replying earlier. I have been really busy with my finals at school and other preparations before Christmas.

Ah, now I understand why Martha has not answered me. I though she might have turned ill or something, so I am glad it is only the internet that is the problem.

I rarely read, but when I do, I like to finish up books in a couple of days/weeks or so. I finished up, for instance, “Harry Potter and the half blood prince” in 2-3 days, haha.

Yes, I do have a dA account. My nickname there is LeneChristin. (http://lenechristin.deviantart.com/) I rarely upload stuff, though. Do you have a dA account?

I like a lot of different bands; King Crimson, Swans, Camel, Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, Return to Forever, November Növelet… And a lot, lot more. I find new bands to listen to every day. Currently, I have over 800 artists in my playlist. Music has become some kind of addiction to me, and I get happy when I find new, good artists to listen to. A quick tip to you is to read blogs to discover new music. I use google blogsearch (http://blogsearch.google.com/) to find blogs that recommend music. If you write in your favourite band in the search field, you can discover blogs that write about that band and, most likely, continue to write about similar bands that might fall in your liking.

I do not really watch movies. I rather play games and draw instead. I like playing both computer and console games. I have played games my whole life. When my brother, my male friends and I were younger, we used to play a lot of Nintendo 64 games. We played “Mario Kart”, “Pokémon Stadium”, “Mario Party” etc. I think my best game experience has to be when I played “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.” My brother and I used to sit in his room all day and play Zelda. Also, I really enjoy the Zelda game to the Nintendo Wii. My brother and I bought a Nintendo Wii together a couple of years ago to play “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” I also played Gameboy when I was a kid. Today, I play mostly computer games. I have actually played World of Warcraft for a couple of years, but I do not play it anymore. Currently, I am playing “Left 4 Dead 2”, which is a game where you go on zombie killing sprees. It’s awesome!

As I mentioned, I like to draw. Well, I LOVE to draw. Drawing is as important to me as music. I draw with pencils, pastels, markers, pens and also on the computer. You can see a tiny bit of the stuff I have drawn at DeviantArt.

I also enjoy taking photographs too. I recently ordered a brand new camera, so now I will be able to take better pictures than before.

I love cats! I have wanted a cat ever since I was little. I think that cats are better than dogs because they’re independent, cuddly and cute. Dogs, for instance, have to be taken out for walks, fed many times a day etc.

Because I have heard that you guys are beginners, I thought I would not use any “shortcuts” when I write. But, I can see that you pretty much know how to use shortcuts like “I’m” and “Can’t”. I do not recommend you using them before you have “advanced” your English. When I was younger our teachers told us to write “I am” “Do not” “I have”, etc. because we would most likely not mess up by using shortcuts. So, what do you prefer? With or without “shortcuts” (Don’t”, “I’ve”, “It’s” etc.)

I hope you have had a good time during the holidays, and happy new year!


Hi Lene!!!!
I´m Marta!
How are you???
You can speak of things that you wants.you wants that I speak of something in I make concrete?
I write "kisses" because here this is normal, and the people is enough expresive,but I apologize of you.
I now can use the intenet more times...and I will answer you!
Though I can not explain very good in english...
Do you like sport???I´m loving sports,swimming,judo...And I when I was a little girl I was paint to the oil...
The music from me it´s very important too,after,I playing to the piano and acordeón,I love the music but I left because my teacher went away...
Now I concentred to the selectividad.

take care Lene

Hi Lene!!! I'm Nowy.
Happy new year 2010!!!!
Do you like Harry Potter books??? It's cool!!!! I like them very much.
I have a deviantart too. I have added you yet.
I don't know the bands you listen to, but I will listen to them!!! If you want, you can put here some links. Do you know any bands I told you?
I don't usually play games, because I don't like them very much. Anyway, "Left 4 Dead 2" seems cool. ^^
I saw your drawings in DA, and they are amazing!!! I don`t like drawing, because I'm very bad at it, but I like writting very much.
I love taking photographs too, and also touching them up, but my camera isn't very good.
I completely agree with you about cats. I like dogs, but I have always prefered cats. As I mentioned, I have two cats. In my DA I have photographs of them.
About the shortcuts, it doesn't matter. I understand with shortcuts and without them.
What is your favourite colour?
What is the name of your cat?
What do you want to do after High-school?
Would you like to visit any country in the future?
Do you like sports? And do you play any sport?

Take care!!!


PS: I love your hair!!!XD

To Marta:

I am all good. What about you?

No reason to apologize! I know you use "besos" at the end of letters etc., so no worries.

Nah, I am not really "in" to sports. I enjoy swimming and cycling, though. I used to do a lot of swimming a couple of years ago, but then I quit for some unknown reason... I think I became lazy or something. Right now, I do not really take the chance to go to the pool because my hair will probably bleed in the water, even if I wear my fancy bathing cap.

You have quite a lot of grammatical mistakes, so I will take the freedom to correct your post. Hope you don't mind!:

You can speak about anything you want. Do you want me to speak about something specific (concrete)?
I write "kisses" because it is normal here, and the people are expressive, so I apologize to you.
I can use the Internet now, so I will answer you!
I can not explain very well in English, though...
Do you like sport? I love sports; swimming, judo... And when I was a little girl, I used to paint with oils.
Music is very important to me too. I play piano and acordeón. I stopped going to music lessons because my teacher went away.
Now I am concentrated to take the selectividad.

Take care,

To Nowy:


Happy new year to you too!

Yes, I like the Harry Potter books. I've wanted to read them once more, but I just don't seem to find the time to read books these days... We'll see if I manage to read during summer holiday or something like that.

Now I've added you too on dA!

I guess you and I are pretty opposite, then, haha. I enjoy writing too, but I prefer drawing. I've been drawing for maybe... 4-5 years. I haven't improved much the past year because I've been so busy with other stuff - and when I say busy, I mean busy with friends, playing video games, listening to music, browsing the net, school, etc... But now I've started to draw again, and I'll try to upload some of my new stuff to dA eventually.

My favourite colour is green. If you google "Zelda+Link", you'll see this blonde elf dude with a green outfit. I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask as a kid, and because of the green outfit to Link, green became my favourite colour. Not geeky at all!

Oh, I don't owe the cat in the photo in my blog. It was just a cat a friend of mine was feeding during summer holidays, and I came along with my friend to feed that cute kitty. However, I've wanted a cat ever since I was little, so I'll get one when I get my own place. I plan to name it Bob, if it's a boy, or Bobline, if it's a girl.

I want to go to England or somewhere in Norway to study art when I'm done with high school. Later, I want to go to university to study psychology. Not exactly sure what I want to become, but currently I want to work as a concept artist for a game company, as a psychologist or a visual art therapist.

On top of my "travel list," I have China. I've wanted to travel to China ever since I was a kid. I've always been fascinated by their culture and history. Also, their artwork is beyond this world. Second on my list is actually USA. I want to travel there to see the American lifestyle with my own eyes, and not through stereotyped images you see on TV. On third place is Paris, France. Fifth place goes to Germany.

(As I wrote to Marta above:)
Nah, I'm not really "in" to sports. I enjoy swimming and cycling, though. I used to do a lot of swimming a couple of years ago, but then I quit for some unknown reason... I think I became lazy or something. Right now, I don't really take the chance to go to the pool because my hair will probably bleed in the water, even if I wear my fancy bathing cap.

Take care,

Hi Lene!!!
I'm Nowy.

I know the game "Zelda", but I never play it because I prefer spending my money buying books before buying games. I have a lot of books, because I like reading them a lot, but also having them. It's like a collection. Besides, I love reading a lot of times the books I like. In any way, that game seems cool.
I love the elves: the stories about them, their description... In "The Lord of the Rings" they are very cool. Actually, in those films and books everything is very cool. Did you watch or read "The Lord of the Rings"? I did it and I liked this trilogy very much.
Moreover, the image of elves have always been very important to me, because I have pointed ears, and when I was little and the kids maked fun of me, I said that my ears weren't strange, they just were elf's ears XD

I want go to England someday too, because I want to speak English better. And I want go to watch the London 2012 Olympic Games because I love sports. I used to practice swimming (I started when I was 5), and when I was 8 I started to compete. Then, when I was 12, I started to compete in sportive rescue. That's why I love aquatic sports, overcoat swimming and sportive rescue, because they are the sports I have practiced. But this year I had to leave them because my parents couldn't take me to the pool, and I miss them a lot. But when I can, I go by train alone when I have time.

I want to go to Germany, France, Italy, Finland, USA, Egypt, Japan, etc...

I want to study journalism, or history. I like psychology too, but I'm really bad in maths. However, Martha's going to study psychology at university.

My English teacher told us that the countries where the people speak the best English are Finland, Sweden and Norway, so I'm happy because I can speak to you, because in that way I can improve my English, and it's very interesting, because you are an interesting person and you live in the other side of Europe.

Why are you studying Spanish??? Do you think it is difficult???

How do you see Spain in Norway??? I mean, What is the image that the Norwegians have of Spain, (if you have one)?

Take care.


Hello Lene!
I´m Marta.How are you?
Thanks for telling me my mistakes, but could you please answer my questions?
I will keep telling you about my life: now we are preparing the fancy dress for carnaval(it´s a party in which you put your fancy dress and you have a lot of fun with your friends).
Nowy and me will put the fancy dress of mad hatter. =)
Do you do something like that in Norway?
I wait for your answer.
take care ~

Marta =)

To Nowy and Marta!

One quick question to both of you; do you want me to go all grammar Nazi? What I mean by that is that I correct some or all of your grammatical mistakes. I feel kinda arrogant and besserwisser-ish when I edit people, so I just wanted to make sure it was OK with you.


To Lene from Nowy:
To me there aren't any problem. On the contrary, I apreciate very much your corrections, so don't worry about that.
But if you can, answer our quesions please.
Take care.