Hi. My name is Mariann, I am seventeen years old, and I attend school at Breivang upper secondary school, which is a pretty new school.

We start school a little differently each day, but the most common time for us to start is 08.15. By the time school is finished for the day, its already dark outside.
It is getting pretty cold outside, and the ground is quite slippery. It has caused me to almost fall on my ass a couple of times.
In my free time I like to draw, be with my friends, try to get my homework done, and I snowboard as well.
I listen to a lot of different music, but mostly punk or indie-rock.

Hi, Mariann!
Glad to meet you! :)
I'm also seventeen, and I am in my last year of high school. Your lessons start too early for us... we always begin at nine o'clock. I suppose that you start at a different hour each day because of the Northern Lights, isn't it? I've been reading the article that your teacher wrote on the blog, and it must be incredible!I wake up at 7'30 and I get out of classes at 2'30. In the afternoon, I usually do my homework and I take English lessons on Wednesday evening.Galicia, where I live, was an area of heavy rainfall but, due to the climatic change, the weather is increasingly getting hotter...I've only seen snow once in my life (when I went with my parents to Madrid, but I don't remember it well because I was about four years old), because I live right beside the sea and it never snows here.I listen to psychedelic rock (like Pink Floyd, which is my favourite band ever) and also indie-rock,rock and punk. I like to spend my time travelling, reading, taking photographs, going to the theatre, writing...
You can ask me all you want :)